About us

Portland Builders was founded in 1988 by Nico Heyns and Helenus Scholtz. The company started small and focused mainly on the residential market, but Portland Group has since been transformed into one of the leading suppliers of aggregates, ready-mix and hollow core in the Western Cape. In 2000, the 65ha quarry, situated on the picturesque Vissershok Road in Durbanville, was acquired. Ever since, visitors and employees have been able to appreciate the view of the blooming canola each year.


Portland Quarry produces construction aggregates, primarily crushed stone and dust from the natural deposits of the Malmesbury Hornfels. In 2000 the quarry underwent a major facelift and new offices were built, a decent entrance road was scraped and new crushers were also installed.


Only a year after the opening of Portland Quarry, three Portland Readymix plants were installed. These plants provide a range of concrete which are designed for the whole spectrum of the construction industry.


The products are backed by tight quality control which brings a guarantee of strength and workability on the construction site. The company prides themselves on the importance of the cubical shape of their stone, in the production of their quality concrete.


Portland Hollowcore panels are manufactured in their purpose-made factory. The panels are reinforced with pre-stressed cables and are formed in an extrusion process using systems from Elematic, imported from Finland in 2008.

The Portland Hollowcore and Readymix facilities are situated on the quarry premises, making it easy for employers to ensure an effective managing system.


This dynamic group of companies is a visualization of strength and forward thinking, typically needed in the Construction Industry.