At Portland we provide a range of concretes that are designed for the whole spectrum of the construction industry. These products are backed by our expertise and tight quality control which brings a guarantee of strength and workability. We provide standardized, premixed concrete that is specified by a standard strength, slump and maximum size aggregate i.e.:

  • Foundation and slab Mixes
  • Float Mixes
  • Pump Mixes
  • Mortar

We also offer high performance, decorative and special application concretes to cater for all your concrete needs.

Portland Mixes

Straight Mix 100% OPC, no slag – used for foundations
Portmix  50% OPC, 50% slag – used for foundations
Floatmix Used for flooring
Easymix  60% OPC, 40% slag – used for outside areas such as cricket pitches

Concrete Strengths

Low Strength Concrete 10 – 15 MPa  Suitable for unreinforced foundations in single storey houses and free standing walls. 
Medium Strength Concrete  15 – 25 MPa  Suitable for reinforced foundations and slabs, light-duty house floors, paths, patios, steps, driveways and garage floors.
High Strength Concrete  25  – 30 MPa  Suitable for suspended structural beams and slabs.
Ultra High Strength Concrete  30 – 50 MPa  Suitable for suspended structural beams and slabs, columns and water retaining structures. 

 Concrete Uses

Concrete Premix  Suitable for minor structural applications. 
Mortar  Suitable for general plasterwork and repairs. 
 Screed Mix Suitable for general floor levelling under ceramic floor tiles. 
Pump Mix  Concrete which is transported to heights by means of pumping using concrete pumps. This method is used where large quantities of concrete work is involved at greater heights, eg. Decks, foundations, floors, columns and beams. 
Swimming Pool Mixes  Suitable for foundations of swimming pools, etc. 
No Fines Concrete  A concrete from which the fine aggregate fraction has been omitted. This concrete is made up of only coarse aggregate, cement and water. 
 Fibre Reinforced Concrete Mainly used in shotcrete, this can also be used in normal concrete. It is mostly used for ground floors and pavements, and can also be used for beams, pliers, foundations, etc. Fibre Reinforced Concrete strengthens the quality of the product. 
 Soilcrete  Almost the same as concrete, but local materials are used instead of purchased materials. We use local dirt, gravel, cement and water. This makes a strong and inexpensive concrete/soilcrete to make walls, etc.