Portland manufactures panels – 160mm thick, which can accommodate spans of up to 6.5 metres with a live load of 4kPa, and 200mm thick panels, accommodating spans of up to 8.5 metres. Spans can however be decreased, depending on the load it has to support.

The following spans can be accommodated when a live load of only 1.5kPa and a 40mm thick screed is used:

  •   160mm panels – 8.0 metres
  •   200mm panels – 9.0 metres

These span can also be increased if the leveling screed is replaced by a structural topping reinforced with weld mesh.


The use of precast walling for bigger projects is slowly but surely becoming more popular in the Western Cape. 160mm Panels can be hoisted by means of a mobile crane and slotted directly into steel or concrete columns.

This construction method is very fast and efficient and enables a large area of walling to be installed in a short period of time, while minimal labour is required. Portland’s wall panels are manufactured using the same process as the floor
panels, but with a tongue and groove profile to accommodate the correct seating of each panel.

 160 panel  200 panel


Technical Requirements 

Manufacturing Method


Standard depths

160mm | 200mm

Standard widths


Maximum lengths

6.5m (160) | 8.5m (200)

Theoretical weight of slab

200kg/m² (160) | 240kg/m² (200)

Minimum recommended strength at transfer


Minimum recommended strength at 28 days


Pre-stressing wire type

5mm dia. indented low relaxation wire

Pre-stressing strand type

9.53mm dia. stabilized strand

Suggested bearings

On walls – 100mm

On steel – 75mm

On concrete – 75mm

Angled cuts

Angled/skew ends can be cut in the factory.