Portland Hollowcore joined the Precast Hollowcore market in 2008 after inquiring state of the art technology from Elematic, imported from Finland. 

The installation of the equipment at the premises was under the strong supervision of the Finland Supplier. With Portland’s in-house design team we offer a complete service from design to manufacture to installation.

Portland joined the Precast Hollowcore industry as it’s amongst the most advanced systems in the precast concrete industry, especially regarding our high quality products.

During 2015 the plant underwent a face lift and added 4 extra lanes among with new Weiler technology from Germany. The stockyard was extended to the outside of the factory, more than doubling the capacity of production. 

These new extensions will ensured better turnaround times, higher production levels, better handling of panels (by use of extended stock yard), quicker loading of truck – also influencing turn around, better control over employees and better control over machinery.

Portland has learned from experience and can make use of that knowledge to know what to expect and where to improve with this new extension. We have learned what the client wants and know how to give them what they expect – excellent customer service, quality in our products and durability of their structures.

The Portland Hollowcore production plant situated at Durbanville can easily produce an average of 700 square metres precast slabs per day without extended working hours.

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