Environmental Conservation

Portland Quarry is nestled between “Diep Rivier” river system and Tygerberg mountain range. The surrounding areas are predominately neighbouring farm land with beautiful canola fields. The “Diep rivier” river forms the natural border of the North Western part of the Quarry, providing a bio diverse echo system consisting of immense variety of bird species, fauna and flora on its river bank.


Portland cares about the environment in all its forms. A key environmental concern for Portland is the deterioration of the water quality of “Diep Rivier” river system and the impact this may have on its marine life and other primary and secondary users.


The reduction of water, air and ground pollution is an integral and fundamental part of Portland operations

and these activities and initiatives should play an ongoing contribution to sustainable development.


Portland is also continuously striving to produce products which are ecologically friendly, ensuring sustainable energy saving for future developements. Portland Hollowcore is an example of the new age ecocologically designed products that contractors, engineers and architects are striving to use to better the carbon footprint of our buildings. See the benefits here.

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