Company Snapshot

Welcome to the home of Portland Quarry | Readymix | Hollowcore.


Portland Group started as a building company in 1988, concentrating primarily on the residential market. Since then the company has acquired an Aggregate Quarry and opened three readymix plants in progressive area’s looking at specific target markets. Located in Durbanville, the company strives to maintain a good work ethic and concentrates its resources in the construction industry.


The dynamic synergies created between the group of companies makes the Portland group unique to the building industry.


Portland Quarry, taking the gifts of the land, working the raw materials into usable products, rehabilitating the land thereby protecting our ecosystem. Portland Readymix provides quality concrete used in our booming construction Industry. Portland Hollowcore is the baby of the three and is still in an emerging market. 


This dynamic group of companies is a visualization of strength and forward thinking, typically needed in the Construction Industry.